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Our Principal Sister Sharon's
50th Anniversary.

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Our Principal Sister Sharon's 50th Anniversary was held on Saturday, September 7th after the 4:30 pm Mass. It was a wonderful celebration. Both Fr. Bill Muench (celebrant) and Fr. Alan Schnob traveled to attend as well as many Sister's of St. Joseph! Rev Scott from our local Methodist Church also attended!

November Newsletter

Autumn leaves tum gold, orange and red, and then fall to the ground, as nature prepares for Winter's sleep. During this season, our thoughts tum to life's fragile and finite side. Fall carries reminders that the bodily life we now enjoy is temporary; it will not last forever. The Church calls to mind this reality by setting aside two special days to remember those who have died. On the first of November, we celebrate the saints, and the second of November we remember the souls of those who have died. While few of us look forward to that moment when the bodily life we now enjoy comes to an end, these special feasts -ALL SAINTS DAY AND ALL SOULS DAY remind us that in God's love the best is yet to come. There will be special Masses said for all those who have died, especially during this past year.

Be an example.

Be a reader and let your child see you read. Read to your child and with your child. Go to the library together. Your child will see how important reading is to you and will want to copy what you are doing. Your education: Continue your own education. Remain curious about learning new things. Your child is watching you. Educational opportunities: Have educational resources in your home such as books, maps, globes, and computers. Be alert to teachable moments that might appear at any time, and take advantage of those opportunities to help your child learn.

Support school expectations.
Expectations and procedures: The beginning of a new school year is a great time to review expectations together. Home and classroom: Talk about what is expected at home to support your child’s learning. Believe it or not, children actually like to know what is expected to help create an atmosphere where they can learn better. This provides predictability and routines that are valuable assets for learners.

Be available.
Be a parent helper, field trip helper, or room parent: Even parents with the busiest schedules can find some way to contribute to the class. Make a special effort to attend school open houses and activities. Parent-teacher conferences and communication: Take advantage of these opportunities to stay informed about your child’s progress at school. Developing a strong, positive relationship with the school will help support your child’s school success! All parents should attend a VIRTUS Training. One will be offered when needed. VIRTUS Training is required by the Diocese if you want to be involved with the students in any way (field trips, classroom aid, snack seller, art, Pre K Helper, serving breakfast/lunch etc.). For VIRTUS Training you must pre-register on line at If you have questions about the registration, please contact the school office.

16th Annual Basket Raffle
The 16th Annual Basket Raffle begins Saturday, Nov. 2. Extra tickets are available at school. Tickets will be on sale until 6:00 P .M. Dec. 7th at the Spaghetti Dinner. More info to follow about the dinner and raffle. We always have at least 100 baskets. Please get yours in ASAP.

Adopt a Student

Our St. Mary's School Pre-K through 8th grade family of faith fosters academic excellence, nurtures personal responsibility, and encourages service to others in the spirit of Jesus. Make a difference in the life of a child by supporting our Adopt a Student program with your donation. Please see the link below which you can send into the school. We thank you for your support!