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Alicia Luberto is a St. Mary's alumi.  She has a very progressive form of MS. Over a short period of time it had taken a turn for the worse. Her eyesight is compromised and her ability to walk has been taken away from her. This has caused a need for a different home among other things. The costs that come along with preparing her current home to sell and the search for a new one are just additions onto the costs she is already facing. If anyone knows Alicia, she is a fighter, and a strong woman. This disease has robbed her of so much. If we could all pull together and get the word out to help Lee fight, it would be amazing. She would certainly do it for you. Let's pull together like small towns do and help a friend in need. Make a donation and be a part of the fight against MS. Thank you and God Bless!

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Summer Festival
The St. Mary's Summer Festival was a great success! We were able to network with St. Mary's alumni and recruit a few class ambassadors!

Alumni in the news

-St. Mary's alumnus Joe Gonyeau ('08) was the salutatorianof the Ticonderoga High School Class of 2012.

-Alumna Marissa Titus ('08) was the valedictorian of Crown Point Central School Class of 2012.

-Sr. Shawn Pauline (née Janet Burke, '94) is taking her final vows as a Carmelite Sister this July! Read the wonderful story of her journey, which talks about how her time at St. Mary's influenced her spirituality.

-Mary Williams ('72) was honored as Employee of the Year and for over 30 years of service! According to Mary, this honor "...says a lot of the great education (she) received at St. Mary's."