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Dear Parents,                                                                                                          St. Mary’s School, Ticonderoga


      We talk often about building our children's self-esteem. This is important, if they are to grow up to be confident, independent young men and women. However, self-esteem, like respect must be earned if it is to have true value. Children who are praised for doing less than their best are learning the wrong lesson 

     Parents and teachers may feel they are walking a tightrope. Too much criticism is hurtful - all children need to feel loved and appreciated. Yet praising mediocrity can be equally damaging. A child who is allowed to be satisfied with minimal effort will never feel the true satisfaction that results from hard work well done. If we want our students to reach their potential, we must challenge them and encourage their creativity. We must do less for them and give them more responsibility. 

     Set reasonable, not impossible, goals. Encourage your youngster to recognize what has been done well and what might be improved. Show in your own work that people can make mistakes and try again, that success is all the sweeter when it results from real effort and commitment. 


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